artwork by Ian Sklarsky.

Boston|Nebraska is a musi-opera based on Willa Cathers short story A Wagner Matineeas well as personal letters and journal entries from Willa Cathers life. It tells the story of a woman who sacrificed her successful career as an opera singer at turn-of-the-century Boston to run away with the man of her dreams. Thinking she would live in one of the romantic operas she always sang, she ended up trapped in Red Willow County, Nebraska, 50 miles from the nearest train station. Having been isolated from the world, Georgiana returns to Boston, the first time into real civilization in over 25 years, and discovers the new sound of modernism around her. Georgianas nephew, Clark, takes her to a concert at a venue she knows quite well where she hears the new, lush, and impressionist sounds only to be forced back to Nebraska, back to the life she thought she wanted, with her husband, children, and failing farmland.

**Partially developed at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE. 

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