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Piano arrangements (sheet music only) - $50–75

Piano arrangements (sheet music, piano track) - $80–100

Piano arrangement (no sheet music, piano track) - $35

Arrangements for solo instrument (sheet music) - $50

My arrangements have been featured on TV, off-Broadway, major concert halls, cabaret venues, Vegas, all over the world, and even the 7 seas ! 


Need a small combo? Need a full orchestra chart? Need just a track? Email me! I do a lot of orchestrations, but every project is different and has certain requirements. 

My orchestrations have been on TV, off-Broadway, major concert halls, cabaret venues, Vegas, and every medium imaginable !

Music Directing/Conducting

Theatrical shows



Your recording sessions

Or even just general help with your music! Reach out. Let's talk !

Song Writing/Scoring

I write jingles, theme songs, musical theatre anthems, scores (theatrical and film), and am known to mimic styles and decades. Prices for songwriting depend on the project, what the final product will be, and if you would like to hire me to create the track for you. 


Reach out, and we can discuss your needs!






Theatrical Shows

Have an idea? Reach out. Let's talk !

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