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An autobiographical tale of a homosexual Mormon that embarks on a journey of self-love while challenging Brigham Young University's staunch Honor Code Rules, unhinging demons of drugs, sex, and suicide in a victorious coming-of-age story.

Produced by No Reverse Records, the world premiere recording is slated to be released September 17, 2021, with principal soloists Tony-Nominee Alison Fraser, Teal Wicks, Michael Lowney, Kristy Cates, J. Harrison Ghee, Hannah Cruz and featuring Kuhoo Verma, Josh Daniel, Cree Carrico, Isaac Phaman Reynolds, Ron Tal, and Tori Scott

**Partially developed at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in 2014 and presented in 2017 as a benefit concert for The Trevor Project. 

Folk Wandering

co-composer, co-lyricist, co-orchestrator, performer

Produced by

Pipeline Theatre Co.

February–March 2018.

*Time Out NY, Critic's Pick. 

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Livin' the Dreamboat


Produced by

Astoria Performing Arts Center

April 2020.

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Based on Willa Cather's "A Wagner Matinee"

Cast of 5 (2M, 3F)


artwork by Ian Sklarsky.

Boston|Nebraska tells the story of Georgiana, a woman who sacrificed her successful career as an opera singer at turn-of-the-century Boston to run away with the man of her dreams ultimately becoming trapped in Red Willow County, Nebraska, 50 miles from the nearest train station. Upon returning to a modern and bustling Boston twenty-five years later to settle the family estate, her nephew Clark takes her to a concert where she hears the new, lush, and impressionist sounds only to be forced back to Nebraska, back to the life she thought she wanted, with her husband, children, and failing farmland.

**Partially developed at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE.


Cast of 10 (6M, 4F)

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HOCKET is an extremely foreboding, twisted, and intense amalgamation of theatre, ballet, and opera discussing sexuality through the story of a man whose life slowly begins to rip apart as he tumbles deeper and deeper into the darker and more ominous gay drug scenes of Montreal, San Francisco, and New York thus blurring the worlds of realism, sobriety, and drug-laden visions to collide in a distorted and  haunting love story between the lead, Loïc, and his addiction, Salina.

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